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Important to note:

  1. Please access on the referral link using a phone and not a computer/pc browser.
  2. To qualify for the $3 rewards, you must transfer min $10 via paynow to your friends* OR make payment $10 to business.

* this is very important, find a trusted friend or family member to do that transfer.

What is this SG Google Pay? I already have Google Pay on my phone.

What you may already have is the generic Google Pay app on your phone but Google is currently launching one that is meant for the Singapore users and market.

The app is still under early access (ie. Beta release) but you can already sign up and use it.

After installing the app, I actually have 2 separate Google Pay apps on my smartphone. No issue with this. Both works fine.


With this SG Google Pay app, you can:

  • Pay your friends on PayNow easily: SG Google Pay works with PayNow and your existing bank account (at this moment only OCBC), so it’s even easier to send money to anyone in your phone contact list.
  • Tap to pay on the MRT, buses, in stores: Once you’ve added a payment method in the app, just use your phone to pay and go. SG Google Pay can be used wherever contact less payments are accepted.
  • Order food from your favorite restaurants: Discover restaurants, order a meal, and pay the bill in the app.
  • Get rewarded as you pay: Earn scratch cards with chances to obtain cashback when you use Google Pay on eligible transactions.
Start earning rewards with SG Google Pay

Watch a video created by OCBC introducing some of the features of SG Google Pay

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