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What is BigPay?

BigPay is a mobile wallet with prepaid VISA card function issued by AirAsia. BigPay Singapore Pte Ltd, authorized as one of the main payment institutions under the Payment Services Act 2019 (No.2 of 2019) (β€œPS Act”) to carry out credit transfer service business. Cross-border currencies.

BigPay Account Features

Registering and obtaining a BigPay card is completely free. BigPay does not charge annual fees fees. When you register, you must deposit $20 into your BigPay account. There is no charge, once you receive the card, you can spend $20!

BigPay Card

You can use your BigPay card at local and foreign merchants that accept Visa. You can use your BigPay card in any country / region without paying excessive ATM or transaction fees.

Cash Withdrawal

You can use the BigPay card to withdraw money abroad like a bank card

Earn BIG Points

BIG points are the points you earn when you spend at BigPay. For every S$5 spent with the BigPay card, you will earn 1 BIG point!
Merchants can receive points within 5-7 business days after payment. This is when the status of the transaction changes from “pending” to “settled”. You can redeem your points for discounted AirAsia flights and other rewards at airasiabig.com.

Remittance service

Transfer funds directly from your BigPay account to bank accounts in China, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Nepal at a fraction of the cost of large banks. You only need the bank details of the payee. With BigPay, everything is 100% digital. There is no need to go anywhere in person. You will know exactly when your money leaves your BigPay account, what fees you will pay, and when the payee receives the money.


BigPay includes Banco Negara Malaysia, Singapore’s financial institution and the specific safety features of monetary stations in Singapore. Accounts can be protected with PIN, OTP and can be activated. Automatic learning is adopted to detect suspicious activities. If you lose your BigPay card, you can easily freeze from the BigPay mobile application.

My sign up experience

I completed the registration on Jul 25, 2021, and received my BigPay card on Jul 30, 2021. The card was mailed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore. You can now register for SingPass MyInfo, which makes the process very convenient. When I receive my card, activating it is as easy as entering the CVV number in the BigPay app. When I registered with the referral code, my account balance was 25 SGD, including SGD 20 that I topped up when I created the account.

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