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Are you looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable way to interact with your neighborhood while taking advantage of tempting discounts from your preferred F&B and lifestyle shops in Singapore? Look no further than Labbit.sg, a mobile app platform that enables users to earn Carrots and redeem awesome rewards while also fostering community interaction. We’ll walk you through Labbit.sg’s exciting features in this referral code guide and demonstrate how to get the most out of your rewards.

What is Labbit.sg?

A one-of-a-kind mobile app called Labbit.sg offers special discounts from well-known F&B and lifestyle retailers in Singapore while fostering community through quizzes, surveys, and articles. You can gain access to the app’s virtual currency, Carrots, which you can then use to purchase a variety of rewards.

Free Daily Carrot Reward

At Labbit.sg, they think that your experience should be as rewarding as possible from the moment that you join their community. You will therefore get a free daily carrot as a thank you for choosing Labbit.sg! This free carrot is a fun introduction to Labbit’s in-app point system, which enables you to earn and amass carrots for a variety of platform activities.

Take Part in Quizzes, Surveys, and Articles

One of Labbit.sg’s distinctive features is the chance to take part in quizzes, surveys, and articles in order to earn Carrots. These entertaining and engaging activities not only give you useful information and insights, but also thank you for your participation and time. Consequently, you benefit from both learning and earning.

Claim and Enjoy Deals from Participating Merchants

To bring you special offers and discounts, Labbit.sg has partnered with a wide range of your favorite F&B and lifestyle merchants. Browse the app’s list of participating merchants to find the offers you want, claim them, and then take advantage of them through Labbit or one of the other partner apps. You can use any preferred payment method that is required for the deal listed on the other app thanks to this flexibility.

For more carrots, scan your receipts for purchases.

You can scan purchase receipts from participating retailers and add them directly to the app through Labbit.sg to increase your Carrots earnings even more. Each receipt you scan will give you more Carrots, bringing you one step nearer to the rewards you want.

Redeem Your Carrots for Wonderful Rewards

The best part of collecting Carrots is exchanging them for your preferred rewards! There is something for everyone thanks to the broad selection of rewards available on Labbit.sg. The redemption process is easy and satisfying and can result in exciting lifestyle products, a free spa session, or a discount coupon for your favorite restaurant.

You can get a fantastic $5 NTUC voucher by redeeming just 1250 carrots. You can quickly and easily earn carrots using Labbit.sg’s reward system by taking quizzes, completing surveys, reading articles, and more. You’ll soon have enough carrots as a result of using the app and engaging with it to redeem this alluring reward.

NTUC vouchers are a real treat because they give you the freedom to shop for groceries, household necessities, or even a special treat at NTUC FairPrice stores. Additionally, this $5 voucher has a relatively low carrot requirement, making it possible for active Labbit.sg users to claim it.

Refer Friends to Make More Money

Here is where the effectiveness of referral codes is put to use. You can earn more Carrots by sharing your special referral code with your friends so they can sign up for Labbit.sg. You receive a portion of their Carrot earnings as they engage in activities, claim deals, and accumulate Carrots on their own. It benefits you and your friends in the long run.

Labbit.sg is more than just a rewards app

It’s a whole community-building experience that offers you insightful information, enjoyable activities, and alluring rewards from your favorite F&B and lifestyle merchants. You can earn Carrots by taking quizzes, completing surveys, and reading articles. Referral codes will multiply your rewards. What are you still holding out for? Join Labbit.sg right away to begin earning Carrots and reward yourself with your preferred Singaporean treats!

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