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What is hi?

hi has been incorporated in Singapore, and the initiative gained traction earlier this year. Stefan Rust, the former CEO of Bitcoin.com, and Sean Rach, the former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Crypto.com, co-founded the company. As previously stated, their goal is to enable more individuals to have access to financial ecosystems at low/no cost in order to generate enormous economic opportunities for everybody.

hi thinks that global, open, immediate, and low/no-cost money flow will provide enormous economic opportunities. That everyone has the right to financial services and the ability to manage their money. That financial services infrastructure be built and administered as a public benefit in order to promote financial inclusion.

hi is now in phase 1 of the plan, where users may earn or purchase hi dollars. Many new features appear to be highly fascinating in the future. This also includes the launch of their own protocol.

Core functionality of hi

In order to achieve their goal of becoming the most universal mobile payment and financial services platform, hi services will be available not only through their web app (app.hi.com) and their native mobile app iOS (android coming soon), but also through some of the most popular social media and communication platforms. While not all functionalities will be available on chat owing to user experience limits, this invention assures that a big portion of the world’s population will have easy access to our services. Currently, users can use whatsapp and telegram to access hi. Cool isn’t it?

Multi-Currency Accounts and Conversions (Coming Soon)

hi plans to provide members mid-market fiat money and digital currency exchanges, as well as free transfers to other hi members using some of the world’s most prominent social media messengers. In collaboration with other regulated financial institutions, he will also endeavor to provide their members with access to a broader choice of services.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions (Available Now)

No matter where you live, global value transfers should be as straightforward as saying hello in a chat messenger. The transfer of funds on hi is intended to be completely frictionless.

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